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Losing weight in 2009 a big one on the resolution list

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Exercise facilities throughout the area may see a surge in memberships as people try to shed those holiday pounds.

The Rochester Athletic Club was packed on New Year's Day, as people either carried over their good habits or looked to start things off on the right foot in the 2009.

Dennis Gilbertson was hoping that starting 2009 in the gym will allow him some more time on the golf course once the weather warms up.

Gilbertson says, "It seems like I have the same workout resolution every year and a lot of times I do well for three-four months and then it kind of fizzles off and in the summer I play a lot of golf so I work out less."

According to a USA.gov poll, losing weight was the most popular New Year's resolution in the United States last year.

Here's some advice on how to start your new routine and keep it going.

Seth Sibunka, with the Rochester Athletic Club, says, "Look at the broad picture, don't think of ‘well I have to lose an x amount of weight by this time or I need to do this by a certain date'. Just kind of think of your goals long range and if you do that I think you'll enjoy your routine a lot more."

Meanwhile the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to consumers about tainted weight loss pills, so if losing weight is on the agenda for 2009 you may need to do things the old fashioned way, with diet and exercise.

The FDA warns that there are more than 25 different products marketed for weight loss that may contain undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients that could put your health at risk; one even contained a suspected cancer-causing agent.

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