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A weekend of sloppy to frozen roads

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Friday's roads were a straight sloppy mess.

They went from sloppy and wet to slick and frozen on Saturday.

Tim Bunkofske, a Rochester resident, says, "They're not bad except on the back roads it gets pretty icy. There's a lot of ice spots, I was sliding with my truck earlier so, use my four-wheel drive, but you can't be going too fast."

Earlier Friday and Saturday, warmer temps meant melting snow. But a cold front passed through, freezing the mess to our roads and sidewalks.

At this hour, residential streets seem especially slick.

The highways aren't bad, and we caught up with some drivers who say the drive is decent.  

Jon Sailer, a Rochester resident, says, "Not too bad on the main roads, it was fine, but coming down from our house it was pretty slick."

It was a much different story in central Iowa.

Westbound Interstate 80 near Grinnell closed because of accidents caused by icy conditions on Saturday.

Motorists were at a dead stop for three hours.

The Interstate reopened around five.

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