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By Crystal Oko

Fire claims Lewiston home

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LEWISTON, MN (FOX 47) -- A fire completely destroys a home in Lewiston.

Firefighters were on scene most of Sunday morning - trying to salvage what they could.

The homeowner and his family were still on the scene Sunday morning, and joking around about how their annual New Years Party won't be happening this year, but in all seriousness, it was a bad fire, and the Lewiston Fire Department is calling the house a total loss.

Jim Christopherson has been living in this house with his wife, just outside Lewiston for more than 20 years.

He says him and his wife were up this morning when they heard a noise, and after inspecting the home, saw smoke shooting out of the house.

That's when they called the fire department who were on the scene for hours fighting the fire.

In fact, the American Red Cross was on the scene feeding and hydrating everyone.

Lewiston fire left the scene around 2:30 Sunday afternoon.

Christopherson says most of the things in his home were ruined in the blaze.

Christopherson says, "It's only a house. No one got so much as a burn. Not even a little one, so. Just all the furniture and stuff is gone, that's it."

The Christophersons say they have insurance and aren't worried about that aspect of the fire.

They say they have many close relatives that live in the area, so they will have some place to stay.

Jim just retired from Badger Equipment Company in Winona on December 5th.

He says his new job will be working on the house.

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