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By Chris Hrapsky

Taking Christmas to the ice

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ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- After all the food, the gifts, and the traveling, there's that special bonding time that many people never forget.

A chance for families to shutdown the computer, turnoff the cell phone, and hit the ice.

It's a cold day, but the Christmas spirit warms up the Thompson family for an afternoon on the ice.

Jackson and Isaac are hockey players...and Samantha?

"Today she's hockey player," says father Jess Thompson while lacing up her skates.

For the Thompsons, the ice, the snow, and the sticks are a far cry from their old home in sunny Arizona.

Jess Thompson says, "And it's just been fun to start getting to know winter activities a little bit."

It's the stuff lifelong memories are made of.

Without the skates on, Isaac works on his NHL backhand and then does a little work on the forehand too.

"When you think about it, it's a stick and either a piece of plastic or a ball. You go back tot he basics and we're having a good time," says Thompson.

It's the kind of day where a former figure skater can pass on her tricks to her daughter.

For the hockey players, it's the red nose and rough ice.

"It's so much more authentic out here in the real winter," says one teenager.

Jacob Ulrich says, "Inside it's all warm, and it's better out here being cold. You just get used to it."

Finally, a day without the internet, the cell phones, or the video games -- a day to go back to the basics.

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