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By Crystal Oko

Illuminating the cause


ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- While the holiday season is a time for giving. One Hayfield family is giving back to a cause they believe serves the community.

It's a popular display that brings hundreds of visitors every holiday season.

"We generally have about 100-150. I think we got up to 278 on Christmas Eve last year. And that was kind of like a traffic jam," said Theresa Severson, display organizer.

But this year, that traffic jam will be very profitable for the Hayfield Community Ambulance.

"The Hayfield community needs a new ambulance so my parents decided that they would so something to help. So they asked the Hayfield ambulance if they could put up a donation box to get donations toward the purchase of a new Hayfield ambulance," said Severson.

The new ambulance will have many new features that will make the ride safer for the patient and the EMT's, but that safety comes with a $150,000 dollar price tag.

"We would take it in and buy anything we need for new equipment or the purchase of a new rig, which we bought last week. All the proceeds would go toward that," said Chris Nelson of the Hayfield Community Ambulance.

The Severson's display will be up through December, collecting money for the new ambulance. So just how much have they collected so far? Theresa says they are keeping that a secret, until they can hand over all the money. But no matter the amount, Chris Nelson says every penny counts.

"Thanks for every dollar they can give and like I say it's their community ambulance and we got a lot of people that are passionate for this job and we'd like to keep it a community ambulance," said Nelson.

The new Hayfield ambulance is expected to arrive in March, long after this display is taken down.

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