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By Kerry Klatt

It's a snow day for Austin

AUSTIN, MN (FOX 47) -- The snow storm Monday night cancelled school for most kids, and it looks like the place to be is Skinner's Hill in Austin.

Tuesday afternoon, sledders of all ages came to the Hill.

One Austin resident said, "I did, I took the day off today. I was going to work on my kitchen...but you gotta go with the kids."

Another sledder said, "Oh, I'm loving it definitely, it's a good chance to get outside and feel like a kid again."

Austin resident Bryce Becker came with family and friends to enjoy the snow day.

"It looks like a lot of kids are enjoying their day off as well...decent crowd here, just having a lot of fun, loading up the sleds and going down, hitting some jumps, and just getting a good day in," Bryce Becker says.

Kristin Becker is a Kindergarten teacher in town, and she brought some students out sledding.

Kristin Becker says, "Yeah, they're having a blast, it's perfect weather. I mean with the fresh snow and it's sunny out."

It's back to school Wednesday, but until then, kids and their parents enjoyed the snow day.

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