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By Kerry Klatt

Austin prepares for the first winter storm of the season

AUSTIN, MN (FOX 47) -- Trimble's Cycle Center in Austin is the place to be if you need a snowblower, snowmobile, or a winter tune-up.

Employee Jason Duffy says, "A lot of people are starting to come out, and get oil for the snowmobiles and get, you know, the snowblowers tuned up."

Duffy says they've spent time preparing for the storm. "We try to get everything ready so we've got the snowblowers set-up, we have snowmobiles out on the floor so everybody can come see everything," he says.

Duffy adds, this season, customers have been buying smaller, used snowblowers. "You know the economy's changed a little bit, and people are looking for something, obviously, a little bit cheaper, you know, or less expensive."

But Duffy says people are still willing to spend the big bucks on snowmobiles.

With snowflakes starting to fall, those who like to play in the snow are probably looking forward to the storm, but what about those who have to work in it?

Terry Plath runs and operates his own snow removal service in Austin, and he says, "Well, it's a lot of work, and it's not easy work being out at the middle of the night when everybody else is sleeping, and long hours."

He says his plows are ready to hit the slick roads. "Oh, yes, we've been getting the salt and the grit and everything ready and load it up in the trucks, and the spreaders, and we got everything fueled up, and we're ready to go," Plath says.

Plath says he and his employees work until the snow stops. "I go out during the day then we go back out at 2:00 in the morning and work until everything is done.  Somedays I've done 16-18 hours," he says.

And with heavy snow in the forecast, Plath is fully prepared to work through the night.

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