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Spring Valley man to help search for missing NY woman

SPRING VALLEY, MN (FOX 47) -- A local man is heading to New York to help search for a woman who has been missing since October.

She's 36-year-old Corrie Anderson and she was last seen in Jamestown, New York.
Her family is hoping a $15,000 reward will help solve the case of the missing mother of three.

Spring Valley resident Gary Peterson is part of the search team Texas Equusearch, which teamed up with the Olmsted County Search, Dive and Rescue team to see if their K9s could locate a human body in the snow.

They ran the test Saturday morning at Chester Woods Park with a trained search dog and had positive results.

The dog was able to locate the test tube right away.

Chris Laplante, a search dog owner, says, "Here we were doing a land search and we train all year round, so we usually do train with snow."

Peterson says this information will be helpful in the case of New Yorker Corrie Anderson, who went missing October 28th.

Peterson says, "Before we go out and put a lot of people in the field we want to make sure that it is a possibility and it was proven here today that it is."

Gary says he doesn't know how soon he'll head to New York to help find Corrie, however, local police have not stopped looking for the woman since she was last seen nearly two months ago.

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