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By Kerry Klatt

Rochester's Hindu community reacts to terrorist attacks in Mumbai

MUMBAI, INDIA/ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- 60 hours of terror are over for hundreds of hostages and the millions who live in Mumbai, India.

Six Americans are also dead after Wednesday's terrorist attacks.

A candlelight vigil is being held Saturday for the other nearly 200 victims.

Mumbai residents are calling the attacks, 'India's 9/11'.

Family members are also gathering outside Mumbai's Taj Mahal, one of the hotels seized by terrorists.

They hope to get information on missing loved ones.  

The tragic events in India have left some local Hindu members concerned about family and friends back home.

This morning, native Indians who now live in Rochester gathered to discuss the terrorist attacks on their home country.

The meeting took place at the Hindu Samaj Temple - that means the Hindu Community Temple.

Every Saturday morning temple members meet for Hindu bible study, and friendly conversation.

On Saturday, they wanted to meet to discuss the recent terrorist attacks in their home country of India.

One Rochester Hindu community reacts to the devastating terrorist attacks on their home country of India.

Surech Chari says, "The question is, where do we go from here?"

A group of native Indians discussed recent events. 

"We are being attacked for our innocent behavior, quite often, how long can we tolerate?  We know we are the champions of universal tolerance, but how long can we tolerate all this nonsense?"

After an hour of animated discussion, the group concluded that you can't fight terror with terror. Instead, discussions must be had.

"We should come, talk to them, sit them at a table and discuss the problem.  Discussions are the best solutions."

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, India, authorities comb through the targeted hotels once besieged by terrorists.

Indian officials say the sole surviving terrorist was from Pakistan.

The Indian government is putting the blame on Pakistan for the attacks.

And back in Rochester, Temple president Surech Chari says he hopes these tragic events lead to a stronger Indian government.

Surech Chari says, "One of the big concerns of the group had was that India's arrangements for internal security was not very strong.

Chari adds that this is a global issue, and every community needs to get involved.

Chari says, "This not just a problem in India or any particular one religion, but that of the entire world, and we like to have interfaith dialogue all communities in Rochester to try to voice a unified opinion on the fight against terrorism."

Most members at Hindu Samaj Temple say they have family near or in Mumbai.

Ajay Singh says, "Personally it affected me a lot because my family, my friends, one of my uncles lives in Mumbai."

Vidhan says, "We all have family, I have family in Mumbai so your first thoughts are you want your family members to be safe then you want the people and humans to be safe."

Members say they condemn the coordinated terrorist attacks, and want to pass along a message of hope and solidarity. They also say they offer their condolences to the families who lost loved ones, and urge all parts of our society to stay united.

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