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From good travel weather to tough travel weather

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ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Travelers were lucky on Wednesday, Thursday and throughout much of the weekend, with mild, and dry weather.

Sunday is another big travel day as many head back home from a long holiday weekend.

And today, travelers are dealing with wet, snowy weather.

This video was taken this afternoon in Rochester and you can see some of that wet, snow covering the roadways.  But we aren't the only area experiencing some wet weather.

Thanksgiving holiday travelers are struggling to get home today across the nation. 

Traffic was moving quickly on the east coast after the long holiday. But there were a few delays at some airports due to the weather.

Sunday, rain is falling in most every city from Orlando, Florida, to New York and Chicago, causing low visibility, and delays in arriving and departing planes. 50 flights have been canceled so far at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Airports along the east coast, like LaGuardia in New York and in the southeast are experiencing delays averaging around an hour and a half today, due to the weather.

A little closer to home, there have been some accidents and slow travel on the roads this evening. Travel is expected to remain slick during the overnight hours.

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