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By Ali Lucia

Stars and stripes forever

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ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- She's a patriot, a proud American, a student at RCTC, and she has a resume that many us can't match.

And this Tuesday, one very special woman will help coordinate all the volunteers at this year's Festival of Trees.

Ann says, "Put your flag up, yes I'll do that for you."

Day or night, Hulette Sherry's patriotism flies high.

Hulette Sherry says, "America the Beautiful."

Not only is that the name of her favorite song, but it's also the name of her tree for this year's Festival of Trees.

But this tree doesn't just symbolize Hulette's passion for patriotism, but someone else - her mother, Chloe.

Hulette Sherry says, "She loved America."

That love runs in the family. Hulette is even taking American History classes at RCTC.

Sue Dahle says, "Hulette worked on this tree, since the beginning of summer. She actually contacted all of the states and asked for a post card from every state."

And in these tough economic times, Hulette is even pinching her pennies.

Hulette Sherry says, "We bought the flag after the 4th of July on clearance."

Ali says, "So you're a bargain shopper?"

This Flag along with the rest of her ornaments that will decorate her tree she purchased at a post 4th of July sale.

And won't be long until bright lights of America the Beautiful fly high in memory of Hulette's mother.

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