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By Crystal Oko

The Grocers' Superbowl

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Americans spend a lot dough the day after Thanksgiving, making it the biggest holiday for gift retailers.

But today is the biggest day for grocers'.

"Most weekends are typically busy but the weekend before Thanksgiving is huge. It's been steady all morning," said Carl Haidar of Hy-Vee North in Rochester.

While shoppers look for the perfect item.  Stockers work to keep up with the traffic.

"We order in advance. We get extra trucks. We staff a lot heavier just to make sure that we're here to take care of our customers," said Haidar.

Harriet Rudd bought her turkey weeks ago, but made the trip to the store to pick up a few basics.

"It'll be the traditional. It'll be the cranberries, the pumpkin pie, the mashed potatoes, the yam," said Rudd.

For Sue Gillette it was a different story. She was out to get that perfect turkey.

"It will sit in my refrigerator for a couple of days to thaw out," said Gillette.

But no matter what detours lie in shoppers' ways this weekend, all roads will lead to the turkey.

"It's eat until your stuffed, take a nap, come back and eat more," said Rudd.

And for grocers, it will be busy leading up to Thanksgiving, something they say they're happy about.

For you late shoppers, Hy-Vee says it will be ready for you whether you buy today or Wednesday.

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