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Tooth damage acid chart

The Power of Sour on Your Teeth (TM)

Acid Levels in Popular Sour Candies

                                                                                                Acid (pH)

                                                                                                Low = Bad

Water (neutral)                                  7.0

Loss of tooth enamel                         4.0

Spree®                                                3.0

Sweetarts®                                          3.0

Big Stuff Pacifier® Sucker                    3.0

Sour Gummi Bears®                            3.0

X-treme Airheads®                              3.0

Sour Punch Straws®                            2.5

Shockers®                                           2.5

Skittles®                                              2.5

Baby Bottle Pop® Powder                   2.5

Brach's Gummi Bears®                        2.5

Sqwigglies Gummi Worms®                 2.5

Wonka Laffy Taffy®                            2.5

Starburst®                                           2.4

Sweet Tarts Shock®                            2.4

Lemon Heads®                                    2.4

Mentos® Fruit  Chew                           2.4

WarHeads® Sour Rips Roll                  2.3

Lollipop Paint Shop®                           2.2

Zours®                                                2.2

Sour Skittles®                                      2.2

Airheads® Cherry Chew                      2.0

Wonka Nerds® Grape                         2.0

Now and Later® Cherry Chew            1.9

Too Tart Extra Sour Goo®                   1.9

Wonka Pixy Stix® Powder                   1.9

Altoids Mango Sours®             1.9

Wonka Fun Dip® Powder                    1.8

WarHeads Sour Spray®                      1.6

Battery acid                                        1.0

Data courtesy of Dr. John Ruby, University of Alabama Birmingham School of Dentistry, 2007.

Copyright, Minnesota Dental Association.  All Rights Reserved.

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