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By Kerry Klatt

Mayor recount starts in Austin

AUSTIN, MN (FOX 47) -- On November 4th, incumbent Austin Mayor Tom Stiehm came out on top with just 39 votes over challenger Mark Nagle.

Last Thursday, Nagle requested a recount.

And early Wednesday morning, five city officials gathered at the Mower County Government Center to begin counting - hand counting.

It's been a very long day for them, as they woke up early to recount all the ballots - and it looks like an end is in sight.

First-term incumbent Mayor Tom Stiehm led his challenger, Mark Nagle, by 39 votes heading into the recount.

Votes are being counted by five city officials, including the city clerk, Lucy Johnson.

Johnson says, "Without doing the calculations, I believe, Tom Stiehm has picked up three votes and Mark Nagle one.

Stiehm spent his morning observing the recount, and showed no signs of concern.

Stiehm says, "If there are 35 votes that change in my opponent's favor, then I'd get concerned."

Officials do not expect results to change that much. Neither does Nagle, but he says a recount was needed.

"I asked for a recount, mainly because it's the right thing to do. I would expect my opponent to do exactly the same thing."

Nagle says he may have lost the Mayor's race, but he hasn't lost his voice.

Nagle says, "It has given me an opportunity to speak up, and continue to say what's on my mind and hopefully help to move this community forward even though I'm not the titled Mayor."

And as for running in two years, Nagle says, "I would have to say at this time there's a 99.9 percent chance - absolutely not."

Nagle says he enjoyed campaigning.

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