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By Crystal Oko

Blue star moms

KASSON, MN (KTTC-TV) -- Tuesday marks Veterans Day, a day to honor those who have served and those who have recently left behind family and friends to defend our country.

Soldiers struggle with homesickness, violence, and injuries. Sometimes, though, it's a soldier's family that's left behind that struggles too.

"I was once in the service," said Jack Kreidermacher, who was manning the grill, cooking up some pancakes.

Smells of breakfast fill the air at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Kasson.

"I never make a uniform pancake, as you will notice," said Kriedermacher.

The pancake mix is a secret family recipe, but today there's one extra ingredient, love.

"For the blue star mothers, I'm taking care of them," said Kreidermacher.

The Blue Star mothers is a national organization for mothers who have children in the military. On Saturday morning, the Dodge County chapter put on this pancake breakfast to honor those who are serving and those who have served.

"My son is in the Army. He's bee in the Army since August of 2001. Currently he's deployed for his second tour in Iraq," said Judy Reitmeyer-Hunt, a Blue Star mom.

"I have two sons that were in the military. My oldest is in the Minnesota National Guard. He is out now as of July, but he spent 16 months in Iraq. And my second oldest is enlisted in the Navy," said Janna Sistad, another Blue Star mom.

"It can be very trying, cause you can't just pick up the phone and say hi how are you. It can be very lonely," said Reitmeyer-Hunt.

But the Blue Star moms say they are never alone, because they have each other.

"I have a lot of friends that were very supportive of our family when we were going through the deployment with our son. But another Blue Star mom that's been there really, really understands and that's just a huge comfort," said Sistad.

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