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By Crystal Oko

Stockton's new Mayor - a write-in candidate

STOCKTON, MN (FOX 47) -- It was a big election in the small town of Stockton.  There were three candidates on the ballot for mayor but the victory went to write-in candidate, Christopher Parker.

Meet Christopher Parker. He's a husband, father, corporate director for Benchmark Electric and now mayor.

"I thought about it for a little while, decided against it. I thought maybe I didn't need to do that to be a contributor in town," said Parker.

Parker was not on the ballot on Election Day, but won over three that were, as a write-in. He decided to throw his hat in after the July deadline.

"Stockton is water. Water is in the news in Stockton no matter what it seems," said Parker.

Parker will take over as mayor in a town that has been dealing with water. First there was a flood, now there's a debate over city water.

"The current debate over water and city water opportunities is one that we could discuss how and why we were given a $3.2 million grant, but the fact is that it's there. What can we do with it, what makes sense to do with it, ecetera. The emotion is the impact done to the average homeowner in town and there's a lot of recovery and pain still feeling felt from the flood," said Parker.

Parker hopes to find some money to ease the pain of hook-up charges. And as far as some major changes in Stockton? Parker says he likes his town the way it is-small.

"We're not going to grow and become some metropolis by any means. Anybody wherever you live wants to experience postive growth," said Parker.

Parker will assume the position as Mayor in January.

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