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By Chris Hrapsky

Young voter pride

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Some Republicans dreaded the results of Tuesday night's election, and mourned the losses of many hard fought campaigns.

But it was the attitude of one young Republican who caught the attention of our cameras.

Matt Miller likes the same things as a lot of teenage guys.

The reporter says, "Girls, music, movies?"

Matt says, "'Bout sums it up."

But Matt, a senior at Mayo High School, is anything but typical.

At 17-years old, Matt can't vote, but that doesn't mean he can't help with the process.

Matt says, "This election is going to dictate the next four years of my life, which is very important to me."

Matt says he decided he was a Republican, by studying what was on the table and what he believes.

"Started reading up on both the parties and tended to agree with Republicans more, tend to be more conservative," says Matt.

Faces of disappointment passed through the quiet ballroom, the bowed heads and concession speeches, but Matt kept his head up.

"John Kline retained his seat in Congress, and it looks like Michelle Bachmann will retain her seat. Randy Demmer won his election."

Matt's optimism is refreshing, pure, and a reminder of how the election process, not the results, can motivate a person.

The reporter asks, "Would you like to pursue a future in politics yourself?"

Matt says, "Maybe, little early to tell. Let's work on getting to the legal voting age first and then we'll work on that as it comes."

Small step for the Republican Party; one giant leap for Matt Miller.

Just like the campaign trail, one step at a time.

Miller says his favorite class in High School is AP Government.

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