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By Kerry Klatt

Will there be a recount in the Austin Mayor race?

AUSTIN, MN (FOX 47) -- Tuesday night, the mayoral race in Austin came down to every single vote.

Predictions showed the race would be a tight one, but no one could have predicted it would come down to about 40 votes.

Mayor Tom Stiehm was re-elected to a second term by just 39 votes.

So the question then becomes, does Mark Nagle ask for a recount?

Nagle hasn't asked for one officially yet, but we spoke with him earlier Wednesday and he says he's strongly considering asking for a recount.

He says he owes it to the voters to make sure that all ballots were counted, and counted correctly.

City officials tell us that Nagle has seven days to ask for a recount. They also say that just two years ago a recount occurred for a Council-Member-at-Large position, where only 17 votes separated the two candidates.

Therefore, if Nagle does ask for a recount, city officials know the process, and will be prepared to handle the situation.

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