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By Jennifer Hoff

Get Out and Vote!

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ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Minnesota has worn the "voting crown" before, and officials hope to be crowned again after this election.

3,000,000 people are expected to hit the polls.

But what about those who haven't voted yet?

An event called 'Get Out The Vote' is turning into the largest grassroot effort in the state.

Strictly made up of volunteers, they're hitting the streets, and phones reminding you to hit the polls.

Election day got a big boost when Represenative Tim Walz showed up to rally his troops.

DFLers gathered at the Rochester headquarters before hitting the city's streets.

It's all part of 'Get Out The Vote', an event reminding people to do just that.

Officials say this is the largest grassroot effort in Minnesota.

Hundreds paired up and planned their route - we joined these volunteers in southwest Rochester.

Besides door-knocking, DFLers also hit the phones.

This isn't the first day of dialing - volunteers have been on the phone since the end of October.

Even those who can't vote, are putting forth the effort.

DFLers hope their work pays off, but also admit it's not who you vote for, just that you vote.

Voting is so important, in fact in elections since 2000 Minnesota led the nation with 77-percenet voter turnout.

We'll continue our coverage of the DFL races throughout the night - here at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Rochester.

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