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By Chris Hrapsky

Lay-offs hit the newspaper Post-Bulletin

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ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- It reports, day after day, about the struggles in our economy.

Now, the economy apparently has caught up to Rochester's long-time daily newspaper, the Post-Bulletin.

In what may be the ultimate irony, a story on the front page of the Post-Bulletin is about laid-off workers encountering a tough economy.

And Monday, the Post-Bulletin itself may have laid-off as many as 15 of its employees.

There was a buzz on the street today about the lay-offs, and we have confirmed details with Randy Chapman, the publisher of the PB, but we have talked to different people who have family members who have been let go. In fact, one woman laid off has worked at the paper about 20 years.

The PB employs about 200 people and is owned by the Small Newspaper Group.

With about 46,000 papers in distribution, the PB is considered to be among the largest afternoon papers in the state.

We are hearing that some people high up at the PB are among the 15 laid-off, and we are hearing that meetings are being held with people. If we hear more, we will pass it along. As we have all heard, the Internet is shaking the media landscape to its roots.

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