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Fireproof your marriage

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- Many marriages today will end in divorce, but one local church wants to do what they can to stop that by fireproofing your marriage.

The Emmanuel Baptist Church in Rochester is one of many participating in a nationwide marriage conference based on the movie "Fireproof My Marriage" and the book "Love Dare".

The movie shows a snapshot of a couple going through difficulties in their marriage and how they overcome the challenges.

The conference will teach people how to transfer what they've learned from the movie and the book into their own lives.

Conference participant Chuck Hermann says, "I've been married for 26 years and I know if you don't work at it all the tiem then you grow a part."

Emmanuel Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Binkley says, "I find that the real challenges hit couples when they get married. I'm no sure why that is, but often times in the dating game you're on your best behavior and it seems like when you get married then the rubber hits the road and the challenges are really there."

The conference will be held next Saturday, November 8 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Calvary Evangelical Free Church in Rochester.

Tickets are $30, to reserve yours you can call 507-289-7244.

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