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By Ali Lucia

Starting to vote - and in full-force

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ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- The countdown to Election Day stands at six - but some have already started to vote.

According to early voting numbers, Democrats are dominating early voting in six key states - Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.

We stopped by Olmsted County's absentee office to see if the lines were lingering.

Lavern Trocinski says, "I voted today because each Tuesday I go out to Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis."

Mark Libow says, "I'm going to be helping training volunteers - we are going to go out and get out the vote."

Absentee voting began on October 3rd, but every week these lines have picked up. This week especially - election clerks say 350 people have been hitting the polls daily."

Mark Krupski Director of Records and Licensing for Olmsted County says, "We have already one and a half times the absentee voters that we had in 2006. We're already at 7,000 and I am expecting we'll be double what we were in 2006."

According to the Minnesota Secretary of State, these are the five reasons why you can absentee vote: you're absent from your precinct; you have an illness or disability; you serve as an election judge in another precinct; if your religion interferes; if you have had an eligible emergency declared by the governor or quarantine declared by the federal or state government.

Election clerk Alvina Thompson has been working as a judge for ten years now and she says she's never seen lines like this.

Alvina Thompson says, "This year the volume of people that have just been coming into our absentee room has just been unreal."

Mark Krupski Director of Records and Licensing for Olmsted County says Minnesota historically has high voter turnout, usually over 70 percent, but this year he expects that number to be even larger.

Mark Krupski says, "We are anticipating a 80 percent turnout for registered voters."

But for whatever the reason these people are waiting to make their mark early, are these lines just a preview of what is to come?

We'll know on November 4th.

It actually costs the government $10 per absentee vote that has to be mailed, and $5 for those of you that show up in person to the absentee office.

If you need to vote absentee in Olmsted County the office is open 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. every day this week and is even open on Saturday.

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