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By Crystal Oko

KROC voices now silenced by lay-offs

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Well-known voices have been silenced after lay-offs from KROC FM and AM.

Thousands of Minnesotans have lost their jobs this year and today we caught up with some well-known Rochester personalities that are the latest victim of the economy-Steve Skogen and Megan Kennedy.

On Thursday afternoon Megan Kennedy signed off KROC-FM not knowing it would be her last time.

"I'm still hoping that it's just a ratings ploy and that I'm not in on the big secret," said Megan Kennedy, former KROC-FM DJ.

Megan has been at KROC for nearly 10 years starting as an intern and working her way up to having her own show.

"When I was 17, I started at KROC right after high school," said Skogen, former morning show DJ for KROC-AM.

Steve "Scoop" Skogen has been on the KROC-AM morning show for over two decades, he was layed off on Friday.

KROC declined a camera interview but the operations manager Brent Ackerman had this to say, "I have worked with Steve Skogen for over 20 years and Megan Kennedy for nearly 10 and am saddened by their departure on both a professional and personal level."

"I mean people were inviting me into their homes and their cars and whatever to share with them real-life things about what was going on in the community. And so I woke up everyday this week wondering. I got no one to tell it to anymore except my wife's deaf dog," said Skogen.

KROC continued to say: "The downturn in the economy has affected the entire nation. The radio industry, our parent company, and KROC are not immune from cutbacks that many other businesses are also going through at this time."

"I feel for everybody that's had to go through this because it's difficult," said Skogen.

And like the thousands of Minnesotans who have lost their jobs this year, Steve still has bills to pay.

"When the mortgage payment comes due, they're going to want to know," said Skogen.

Despite it all, Megan and Steve are determined to move forward.

"The next step really will be just moving on and trying to find the next fit for me," said Kennedy.

"Unlike a lot of people that go to work everyday, I never had to. Now I have to," said Skogen.

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