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Albert Lea's ballot - a fresh or seasoned mayor

ALBERT LEA, MN (FOX 47) -- Albert Lea hasn't had a mayor serve back-to-back terms in 10 years.

Incumbent Randy Erdman is trying to change that by being re-elected, but his opponent, Mike Murtaugh, is in it to win.

Voters will have to decide if they want to stick with the incumbent or begin a new chapter with his opponent.

Albert Lea Mayoral candidates Randy Erdman and Mike Murtaugh have clearly identified their visions for the city. Elected to the position in November 2006, Erdman says he's been a successful salesman for the city and plans to continue its upward progress.

Randy Erdman says, "Continue to sell the city, that's what I do for a living. I sell, and sell the city and use my experience for the benefit of the city."

Erdman's opponent, Mike Murtaugh, says the city's recent progress is at too high a cost.

Mike Murtaugh says, "The main difference is how we've approached what the city spends money on, and I feel we need to stick to the basics."

When we met up with the 47-year-old husband and father of two, he was spending time with seniors. Murtaugh has accused Erdman of spending taxpayers' money unwisely.

Murtaugh says, "There have been a couple of housing developments that the city has put money into for projects they didn't need to."

The 55-year-old incumbent is running on his experience and leadership, and says the money spent was needed.

Erdman says, "We did some assistance to a few housing developments, but at the time it was needed."

Murtaugh says, "But that doesn't mean that the city should put city money into these developments for things that aren't required of the city."

Murtaugh says, if he's elected, the recently added restrictions on citizens at City Council meetings will be changed to restore the voice of the people.

Murtaugh says, "I'd also move the public forum back to the beginning of the meeting so people don't have to wait. That way they can comment about issues that are coming up during the meeting."

One stands for getting back to the basics, and the other wants to broaden the city's horizons.

Erdman says, "I like to look through the windshield and not through the rearview mirror, and a blade of grass grows only so much in a day, and there's no substitute for experience."

Randy Erdman is counting on his leadership and experience to get him re-elected, while Mike Murtaugh says his activeness in the community for so many years has helped him to know what the people want.

November 4th, you can find out right here, on FOX 47, which candidate voters have elected.

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