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By Crystal Oko

District 3 judicial election


MANTORVILLE & FARMINGTON, MN (KTTC-TV) -- Just a little over one week voters will be heading to the polls.

While many of us know the big races, Walz vs. Davis or Franken vs. Coleman, you may not know much about the 3rd judicial district race.

It's a race between 32 years of experience versus just 33 years old.

The 3rd district is an eleven county district stretching from Rice County to Freeborn County and then all the way back to Winona County. And two men are competing for a seat in the district.

"A world of difference," said Judge Lawrence Agerter. He was describing the differences between him and his opponent.

Judge Agerter was appointed in 1976 and has been a district judge ever since.

"I've earned the trust and the confidence of the lawyers that practice before me. I've had plenty of endorsements from lawyers and the public," said Agerter.

Judge Agerter is 68. Minnesota judges are required to retire at 70. If he is re-elected, his successor will be appointed by the governor after going through a selection committee. It's something that has prompted Attorney Anthony Moosbrugger to run.

"I think it just takes it out of, well it does take it out of the decision out of the hands of the public. Which I think is wrong. Judges should be elected by the public," said Moosbrugger. 

Just six years of practicing law, Moosbrugger says he brings community dedication to the table.

"My work for the community, by giving back to the community, I've been involved in various different organizations that do that," said Moosbrugger.

In 2007, Moosbrugger was awarded the pro-bono attorney of the year for the 3rd district.

"I think that really shows my committment to the community, giving back to the people and being on the bench that's what your job is," said Moosbrugger.

And as far as experience, Moosbrugger says he's got it. "I've been practicing for six years, but in those six years I have practiced in a variety of the different areas of the law as far as the two main areas that come before a judge-criminal and family law."

Judge Agerter says he's never been opposed in his 32 years on the bench, until now, that is.

In fact, he is the only district judge in the state to be contested in this election.

He says if he doesn't win he will still try a way to be involved in the courts.

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