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Area not exempt from tough unemployment numbers

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Unemployment numbers for Rochester are in for the month of September, and they are reflecting the state of the nation and the struggling economy.

On Tuesday, the monthly unemployment numbers came out.

This afternoon, FOX 47 talked with Jennifer Ridgeway at the Workforce Center in Rochester, who says September's numbers weren't a surprise to her.

Unemployment in the Rochester area is 4.7 percent.

That's up from last year's 3.9 percent.

Ridgeway says job growth began to slow down during the late spring and early summer - that's when unemployment numbers began to rise.

Some job sectors have faired better than others.

Jennifer Ridgeway, with the Minnesota Workforce Center, says, "We are unable to escape things happening in our national economy. We've seen construction hardest hit in terms of jobs loss, also some loss in manufacturing. What sets us apart from some other parts of the state and country is employment in healthcare. Even though other sectors have shed employment in healthcare, we've continued to see relatively strong growth in that sector."

Compared to the rest of the nation, and even the state, the numbers aren't very high.

Unemployment rate in the state is 5.7 and in the nation it's at 6 percent.

Ridgeway says she expects a few more months of climbing unemployment rates.

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