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By Crystal Oko

A big surprise

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- They were just doing some fall chores when some northwest Rochester residents got quite the surprise.

They found three gun in their backyard lying just feet from their home.

Stacy Brown says she didn't believe it.

"They were just laying right in the yard," said Brown.

On Thursday, Stacy says her 15-year-old daughter and boyfriend went outside to rake the leaves in her yard into a pile for their dog to play in.

"They came knocking on the window and asked me to take a look and there was two rifle cases laying along side the house," said Brown.

According to police there were three guns found in the two rifle cases that sat under the window of a bedroom.

"The two rifle cases were lying just right parallel," said Brown.

But Stacy says the most disturbing part of the incident is not what happened, but what could have happened.

"This is a neighborhood right next to a school. The school kids walk by everyday, anybody could have picked up and if they were loaded."

And now Stacy and her family say they are on alert.

"We're more weary about locking all the doors and windows and noises outside at night, and being safe."

Police say the guns were stolen from an unlocked car on the 2000 block of 10th Street Northwest.

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