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By Crystal Oko

Transitional housing tabled

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- It's an issue we've been keeping an eye on for quite some time now and now some new developments regarding the placement of transitional housing in some southeast neighborhoods.

But Olmsted county needs transitional housing for offenders being released from prision.

In fact, each year there are 300 released in the community.

The issue began when the county was trying to put transitional housing into two southwest Rochester neighborhoods and now the issue has been officially tabled.

Doug Lambert from the Olmsted County Department of Corrections says county and city officials need to come together to come up with a long-term solution to transitional housing.

We talked with two neighbors on Seventh Avenue Southwest this afternoon who say they are happy and excited that this issue has been tabled but are also nervous that the issue could be brought up again.

"We set out to stop this from happening at the beginning and they tabled that and we were very happy about that," said Patricia Rossman who lives across the street from proposed offender housing on 7th Avenue Southwest.

"I feel like if they want to use the house they should go ahead and apply and if they don't want to use it then move on to something else. It's very emotional but it kind of keeps us going through this whole process and it's very emotionally draining," said Maria Levy, also a neighbor on 7th Avenue Southwest.

Lambert says they plan to use, instead, a portion of the recently closed Many Rivers Juvenile Center to house offenders... something he says is a short term solution.

He says the main reasons this issue had been tabled is because of neighbor concerns and also because of how long it would have taken to get that housing in the neighborhoods squared away because the need is now.

Neighbors also say this whole issue has definitely brought them together as a neighborhood.

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