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Funding falling short

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- Last spring the Minnesota State Legislature gave a one-time increase of $51 per pupil to districts across the state, but Education Minnesota President Tom Dooher says it's not enough.

He says the extra funding was helpful, but some districts were still forced to cut staff, scale back programs and raise fees.

Now he hopes voters will urge their elected candidates to ensure students receive funding that is equitable, sustainable, predictable and efficient.

Dooher says, "Our kids are our future and they are the greatest economic stimulus package we're ever going to have and we can't neglect that so it's really an investment. It's really about finding the priorities Minnesotans have had for so many years and making sure we put those back into place."

Despite districts need for more dollars, Rochester School Board member Fred Daly says it's up to school districts to live within their means.

He says times are tough and this coming year the school district will likely have to make $10-12 million in cuts.

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