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By Crystal Oko

Local salon helps in one important journey

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ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- They call it a journey-surviving breast cancer.  On Saturday, some very brave local women shared their journey and how they find their strength in numbers.

It's a small salon with a big heart.

"It started out here five years ago. I am a breast cancer survivor and when I was diagnosed I had a basket full of scarves and hats and after I was done I came here for my first trim and Shawn had asked me if I still had my basket available because one of her other clients was just diagnosed," said Effie Psimos, the founder of "Join the Journey."

What started out as one woman supporting another woman has turned into a labor of love.

Amy Klepper: "We're proud to be sponsoring them and all of our proceeds all our services, tips, products are going 100% to the cause today," said Amy Klepper, a stylist at Crown Hair Styling, where the "Join the Journey," organization began.

"I was very blessed to have so much support within family and friends and I could see so many women having that," said Psimos.  Psimos says the organization focuses on education... getting the word out on early detection and giving support to women who are on the journey.

Effie began her journey with breast cancer 5 years ago. And today, she's still fighting it.

"Just recently I was rediagnosed in December of this year and it was on the same side. Not invasive cancer but it was ductile cell carcinoma on that side too. Which was alarming, because I went through the whole bought thinking I was done but I wasn't."

Deb Eggers and Amy Klepper have more than just a stylist-client relationship. They call themselves companions.

Deb lost her niece at 42-years-old and Amy has experienced her own personal battle with breast cancer.

"And I had my hair done today. And all the proceeds go to this cancer, to the wonderful, to the hope that they will find a cure and that no young ladies will die of it again, anymore. I will wear it in memory of her," said Eggers.

"Today is a very special day for me. 16 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself and am a survivor," said Klepper.

While the journey still has a few twists and turns for these women, they say they couldn't have done it without the love and support of one another.

"Join the Journey's" annual walk will take place next Sunday.

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