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By Fanna Haile-Selassie

Who's running for 2nd Ward

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- Ward 2 has, by far, the largest number of candidates running for city council.

5 people are challenging incumbent Marcia Marcoux for her seat.

Each have their top priorities they'd like to see improve in the city.

The most recurring topic was neighborhood safety.

Candidate Lynn Wilson says, "That is the number one priority of all government, local or federal, is to insure the safety of its citizens. I have been, previously, a victim of crime and I know how vulnerable it can make you feel. So that's a concern of mine."

Candidate Dawn Johnson says the solution is with the quality of our police officers.

"Training, better for police officers, and offering for police officer and security coverage," says Johnson.

Within the past month, Rochester has seen about 4 shooting incidences in Northeast and Southeast Rochester.

But candidate David Schwartzkopf says public safety is goes farther than that.

"It isn't only the public shootings that are happening. It's just that Rochester's city streets are no longer safe to walk on."

Candidate Michael Wojcik says he agrees that something needs to be done about the shootings and walking safely down the streets.

However, he says he concerned about even crossing the city's streets.

"I see some public safety issues, and not just the gangs and drugs you see and hear so much about, but also just pedestrian safety issues. People are flying through neighborhoods way too fast, not stopping for cross signs or cross walks. We need to do the enforcement necessary to keep kids safe."

Incumbent Marcoux is also in the running to keep her seat.

She says she knows the city will have to deal with a budget problem during the next term, and she already has a working knowledge of how to handle the problem.

"Having the experience and knowing what.. if we make some changes and makes some cuts, I have a better understanding of what those consequences are going to be."

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