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By Chris Hrapsky

12 arrested in St. Paul protests


ST. PAUL, MN (KTTC-TV) -- Just as the Republican National Convention was getting ready to hear from Senator John McCain, more protests outside the capitol building added tension to the streets of St. Paul.

Fifth generation St. Paulite James Anderson says this is not the city he knows.

Anderson said, "I'm absolutely embarrassed for our city, because of the denial and repression of free speech, treating this like it's a war zone. It's just ludicrous."

Police in riot gear blocked off several bridges as hundreds of anti-war protesters attempted to march from the Minnesota State Capitol to the Republican National Convention.

Protester Brandon More said, "I'm here to show that young adults can do something peacefully. That we don't have to convey violence to put a point across."

Bill Dumas said, "I'm outraged about this illegal war. I'm outraged about the torture that's going on. I'm outraged that the powers at be in St. Paul have turned this into a police state."

Just as the police began to push forward, tension built between two protesters.

Witnesses say one man was arrested earlier in the protest.

A man with the Peace Team said, "They treated him as well as any person being arrested can be treated."

A cat and mouse game between police and protesters went on for hours. In the end officers set off smoke bombs and fired several percussion grenades, police say 12 people were arrested.

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