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What Moves you?

A traditional fireplace brings to mind a sturdy mantle piece above the fire, and maybe even stockings hung with care. But today, fireplaces choices are much more than that. Styles include Traditional, Modern, Arts and Crafts and Contemporary just to name a few.

First things first, pick a style. Find something that speaks to you, and a style that fits appropriately into the setting. Avoid thinking stereotypically when it comes to a design. Stone can be classic or contemporary, wood can be modern or traditional. Let a designer at Energy Products and Design offer you something that might pleasantly surprise you, and exceed your expectations of what a fireplace can add to your home.

Next, suit your needs. Are you looking for heat or just ambience? As a large centerpiece, or just an accent in the room, the fireplace has to feel right. What's more, many fireplace models vary in heat and efficiency, and finding the right appliance for you will ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

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