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What Warms You?

Traditionally, we think of a roaring wood fire in the fireplace.  It often conjures up warm memories of time with family and friends, and maybe even a trip to a favorite cabin or a ski lodge. While nothing can replace the mood and feeling of a crackling wood fire, today's technology provides a choice of fuel for warming the hearth and their home.

Fuel Types

Cord Wood – The choice of a fireplace or woodstove purist

While there are many types of firewood burned in a woodstove or fireplace, Oak, Hard Maple, Hickory, are revered for the density and energy content. Today’s high efficiency stoves and fireplaces can take over 8 hours to slowly burn an armload of firewood and heat a large portion of your home in the process.

Gas – It’s easy, clean and affordable

Engineered to look and feel like a real wood fire, a gas fireplace, stove or insert will deliver the heat and romance you want without the need to build the fire yourself. Whether you choose a wall switch, remote control, or a thermostat, the push of a button convenience is at your fingertips for on-demand heat and atmosphere.

Pellet/Corn – It’s convenient, automatic and carbon neutral

Bio-Fuel options such as wood pellets and corn are quickly growing in popularity as consumers seek clean renewable options for comfortable heating their home. Just load the hopper with the appropriate fuel for the stove, and let the appliance do the rest. When the thermostat calls for heat, the stove will light itself, and generate the heat you need until you are comfortable and satisfied. With stylish good looks, these workhorses are more than just another furnace in the house.

Electric – Plug and Play

Are you looking for just a little something to add warmth to the room? Electric fireplaces and stoves are the choice when you do not have a lot to work with, and yet you deserve the comfort and warmth of a fireside chat. With no venting required, simply plug into a wall outlet, and you are ready to go. These units will also give you the option of the atmosphere without heat if you choose to disengage the heater, and enjoy the soothing comfort of the dancing flames any time of the year.

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