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by Jennifer Hoff

Grieving family talks

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- On Wednesday, Kristine Blanck spoke abotu what happend to Mario Campos, her boyfirend of 15 years.

Mario was shot to death in a drug deal gone bad in Dodge Center Tuesday night. She says, she's angry and confused, because law enforcement hasn't told her any details about Mario's death.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says otherwise.

Kristine says, "He was amazing. He had more friends than people could wish for in a lifetime."

Dozens of those friends huddled at Mario Molina's mobile home in southeast Rochester.

Many of whom who were crying, caring for, and comforting Mario's longtime girlfriend, Kristine Blanck.

Kristine says, "He would give everything he had to anybody - his friends, his kids, strangers."

Kristine and Mario were together 15 years, and had three children.

She says, his death has left her with nothing.

Kristine says, "I need to raise my babies all alone."

Mario was shot to death by an Owatonna Police Officer who was keeping an eye on a drug deal between an undercover agent and Mario.

The shooting happened near John's Foods in Dodge Center Tuesday night.

According to Kristine, authorities have yet to tell her about Mario's death.

Kristine says, "There was a rumor that Mario had been killed, so his parents went to look for him and found his car."

According the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, agents spoke with the family on scene Tuesday night.

BCA Superintendent Tim O'Malley also said agents spoke with them again Wednesdsay night at the Dodge County Law Enforcement Center. O'Malley also said agents provided the family with contact information in case they had any questions.

Kristine says, "When somebody's murdered, don't the police usually come and tell you? There's been no knocking on my door."

Kristine also insists, Mario did not use drugs and would not participate in a drug deal.

Kristine says, "If that's what happened, where are the drugs? Show me, show you. Why haven't they came here to talk to me?"

The NewsCenter asked the BCA if drugs were found in Mario's car, and Agent O'Malley says he is not commenting about the investigation at this time.

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