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By Meghan Sparks

Farmers plead for more rain

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- The dry pattern we're in might be good for some, but is hurting local crops.

U of M Extension Educator Lisa Behnken says, "We're actually at a point where we have pockets that are in need of a good drink of water."

The summer started out wet, even delaying planting for some farmers, but August rain totals remain well below average.

"The faucet has really shut down. July and August have been below average. In fact, in August we've had very little rain this whole month," says Behnken.

Corn needs most of its rain in July and made it through with decent rain totals, but soybeans are now being stressed from the lack of moisture.

Behnken says, "The beans, as you drive around Southeast Minnesota, you're going to see the leaves wilting, curling. They will start to abort the top pods and not fill those, and so you'll actually be losing yield without filling those pods."

And the lack of rain is hurting some local farmers.

Mike Bale says, "It's frustrating, very frustrating."

Mike Bale says he's starting to get worried because his beans need the rain, but in a weather-dependent industry, there's only one thing left to do.

"Pray; that's about it, and hope for rain," says Bale.

Bale says we need to see rain within a week before the situation gets any worse.

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