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By Meghan Sparks

Re-building Rushford

RUSHFORD, MN (FOX 47) -- It's been one year since floodwaters covered the streets of Rushford.

Steve Redalen of Lutheran Disaster Response says, "One bridge crosses the root river, one crosses rush creek, everything was under water except for some homes up in the bluffs."

And now the re-building process continues.

"You look around and you drive down any street and you see empty lots and you see lawns and dirt piled all over, we have a ways to go yet."

But a lot of progress has also been made.

Families toured parts of the town to see the work that's been done. Looking at new homes, re-built homes and those that still stand empty.

Now through the help of the Rushford Area Disaster Alliance For Recovery the town hopes to raise even more money to help those families still in need. Families who toured the homes were asked to give a $1,000 donation for unmet needs, with the hopes of reaching their goal of $300,000.

"There's nobody here that will ever look at a disaster the same way again after having been through it."

The water has left, homes have been re-built but for many the memories will always remain.

If you would like to help those families still in need of assistance you can make a donation to the Rushford Area Disaster Alliance For Recovery at:

RADAR Treasurer

c/o Rushford Lutheran Church

Box 399

Rushford, MN 55971

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