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by Meghan Sparks

Taking to the links for Tony

LAKE CITY, MN (FOX 47) -- Bob Hebert says, "Since he was ten, eleven years old he golfed non-stop."

Friends and family gathered to remember Tony Hebert for what he loved most.

"He was kind of quiet," Bob Hebert says.  "If he had something to say it was important, but a lot of fun too."

The 19-year-old Lake City native was killed last June while serving in Iraq, just days before his 20th birthday.

Bob Hebert says, "Nine eleven affected him very deeply and that was his motivation. Four years later he was still very deeply affected by it and he felt that our freedom was in jeopardy."

His parents were against him joining the army, but in Tony's words, he had to step up to the tee.

Bob Hebert says, "To have lost him is a huge loss. He was a man of such character, such conviction. He would have continued on to have done great things."

"It's been different," says friend Aaron Breyfogle.  "We spent a lot of time golfing together in high school and I miss him a lot."

Golf was the theme of the day as a way to celebrate Tony's passion.

Friend Cody Blair says, "If he'd have wanted anything in his memory it would be a golf tournament. So it's perfect."

All of the money raised at today's golf tournament goes to the Tony Hebert Memorial Fund.

The Hebert family hopes to make the tournament a yearly tradition.

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