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By Crystal Oko

Talking politics at the fair

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- It's a beautiful day out there and an even nicer day to get out to the Olmsted County Fair.

Even among the fun and festivities of the fair, people aren't forgetting about what they say are some important upcoming elections.

And both parties we talked with today say it's important to get everyone talking politics.

Congressman Tim Walz was out at the the fair talking politics to the old and young.

"It's the engagement in the process and we think it's really critical that not just older people or voters or anyone, but just to make yourself available because as a congressional representative my job is to make sure that I'm they're connection to what's happening in Washington," said Walz.

Walz says that in times like these it's important to stay positive about politics.

"My fear is that they start to hear so many ads and start to get cynical towards politics, what they have to realize is that politics is nothing more than how a bunch of us gather together and make decisions," said Walz.

And just about 100 feet away, sits the Republican Party booth, same goal, different party.

"We're just talking to people and seeing if they're up on the issues and if they know who they're voting for in November because this is a very important election coming up," said Maxine Brehmer, a member of the Republican Party.

They were handing out balloons, hoping to appeal to children and their parents.

"A lot of people don't really know what's going on and they're busy with their lives and don't get informed," said Brehmer.

While the two parties may have two different sets of beliefs, there is one thing that they can both agree upon.

And that's fair food.

"Carmeled Apple, I guess," said Brehmer. 

"Cheese curds," said Walz.

Al Franken also made an appearance at the DFL booth tonight.

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