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By Crystal Oko

Walking with Ann benefit

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- Wednesday night we met a family who is facing some tough odds but is determined to keep going.

On Wednesday, the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile rolled into Rochester to give the family a ride and a boost.

It was an afternoon filled with hot dogs and weiner whistles.

But also an afternoon filled with dedication to a family called the Petersons.

"In December of 2007 Ann was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease," said Kristine Kundert, a family friend.

Kundert is one of the many friends who have been dedicated to helping Ann and her family since her diagnosis.

"It is a huge, it's a huge passion for me cause Ann is such a wonderful person. It's a family that's truly in need of community support," said Kundert.

Ann and her husband Eric have four children, three of them triplets.

"Went from Ann and I sharing the responsiblity of the kids to me doing most of it. Ann still helps out the best that she can. But ah, it's just busy," said Greg Peterson, Ann's husband.

Ann is no longer able to walk, and now her speech is also beginning to go.

"It affects every muscle that is voluntary-your diaphram, your breathing, your swallowing, speech, your hands. She's not able to move as much as she wants to anymore," said Peterson.

The wiener-mobile is just one way friends of the family are raising money.

Another way is a benefit on Saturday. Money raised at the benefit will go to helping the family buy a new van- one that'll make life easier for Ann.

"The help has been coming from everywhere, out of no where and it's been awesome," said Peterson.

We have created a link on our Links page for more information on the event.

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