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By Crystal Oko

Business break-ins


ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- Five business break-in's in just 24 hours.  And with the number of recent break-ins, some business owners are now asking why.

"An individual broke in an stole some cash," said Ron Vonbrethorst, the owner of the Play It Again Sports on Elton Hills Drive.

"We got broken into," said Garth Johnston of Golf Headquarters.

"Friday morning Custom Alarm called and said we had an intruder," said Richard Weiss, the owner of Insty-Prints.

This most recent band of burlaries began all Friday morning when Insty Prints on North Broadway was broken into.

The burglar took nothing but left a few drawers opened and rifled through.

"I think having an alarm company is probably what saved us from more because the alarm when off and probably scared them out of there," said Weiss.

Then, just 6 blocks away and about 15 minutes later, Play It Again Sports had a break-in. The burglar got away with some cash.

Nearby Traveled Treasures and Hunt's Drug Store on North Broadway were also broken.

Then, in the early hours of Saturday morning Golf Headquarters on South Broadway was broken into.  

"They really didn't do any damage except for breaking into the cash drawer and with all these golf clubs around, they're most likely not a golfers at all cause they would have at least got something. But nothing was taken. It was as probably minimal as it could be," said Johnston.

Five break-ins in less than 24 hours have business owners busy changing locks and re-thinking security.

"We changed the plates on our doors where the locks are so they just can't use the vice grips and wheel them off anymore. They're going to have to get more sofisticated," said Weiss.

Some business owners warn the public to be aware.

"I think the general public needs to be aware of that and conscious of it and be watching for that type of thing because that's really the only thing that's going to stop these guys from doing stuff like this," said Vonbrethorst.

Based on the break-in method, police suspect the burglaries are related to the other recent business break-ins in Rochester.

But still very concerning for many business owners.

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