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Ugly Grill Finalist - ROCHESTER Gil E. Strand

Gil E. Strand Gil E. Strand

I once was bright and shiny, when out of the box I came; but now I'm old and rusty and will never be the same.  

They used me most in the summertime, usually when it was hot, but also in the winter, sometimes when it was not.  

They cooked cabobs and chicken, burgers, brats and steak, all to simple perfection, let's make no mistake.  

Corn on the cob was common and most of the time was good; but now I'm old and broken and can't cook like I should.  

Some come with bells and whistles, but I was a common type; no fancy extra burners, no stainless steel in sight.  

They used me for lots of parties and eating on the deck; most of the food was tasty, but some got burned to heck.  

My grates are charred and broken, my lava rocks all stained; I always get too much sunshine and hate it when it rains.  

I thought the rain would keep me clean and make me look like new; but oxidation and ionization are factual and so true.  

Some day there will be an empty spot out there where I once stood unless somehow a new one comes with a bright, new shiny hood.  

Soon I'll be recycled and made into something new -- a garbage can or fishing boat -- I haven't got a clue.  

Because hard times upon them came, their lives are not the same; to replace me now they cannot do, but would be thankful for a new one from you.  

Gil E. Strand

P.S.  I'm still in use but on gas and life support.

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