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A Lighter Side of Love

Heather Bauer, R.D., nu-train

It wouldn’t be an official Valentine’s Day without a wee bit of indulgence. Have treats in healthful moderation and beware of some common high-calorie, high-fat culprits. Satisfy your sweet tooth by choosing the best of the best…rich, gourmet dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) or a luscious chocolate-dipped strawberry. A little bit of the good stuff will go a long way!

Cupid’s Delightfully Low-Cal Picks

  • Dark chocolate-dipped strawberry (1) = 48 calories, 2g fat
  • Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses (2) = 50 calories, 2g fat
  • 2-3 squares 70% dark chocolate (Dagoba, Green & Black’s,
    Plantation) = 70 calories, 3-4g fat
  • Chocolate fudge (1 piece, .6oz) = 70 calories, 1.8g fat
  • Godiva Amaretto Truffle (1) = 110 calories, 6.5g fat
  • 1 cup berries + 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar = 74 calories, 0g fat
  • ¾ cup berries + 3 Tbsp Lite Cool Whip = 80 calories, 1g fat

 STOP in the Name of Love (ie, Avoid These!)

  • Chocolate martini (1) = 438 calories, 20g fat
  • Lindt milk chocolate truffle w. smooth filling (1) = 239 calories, 19g fat
  • Mini chocolate éclair (1) = 293 calories, 17.6g fat
  • Flourless chocolate cake (1 piece) = 440 calories, 34g fat
  • Chocolate mousse (1 serving) = 380 calories, 15g fat
  • Chocolate molten cake w. vanilla ice cream (1 piece, from a nation-wide restaurant chain) = 1270 calories, 62g fat!!!
Provided by Heather Bauer, a Registered Dietician (RD) specializing in the interrelation between eating habits, metabolism, and lifestyle. Visit nu-train for more tips and tricks and sign up for her monthly newsletter.
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