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First-hand accounts from former KTTC employees in Hurricane Florence forecast path

(KTTC) -

Former KTTC employees living in North Carolina that spoke with us on Thursday.

Justin McKee and Taj Simmons talked with Matt Benz about how they are preparing for the storm.

Justin is actually right on the coast working as a meteorologist. He worked at KTTC for a couple years until leaving in 2017.

He says that right now, they are just planning for the worst as they anticipate landfall.

"Its going to be so many different kinds of impact between a 9 to 13 foot storm surge for the coastal communities, potentially up to 35 inches of rain or even more so, and then extended periods with hurricane force winds for hours at a time," said McKee. "So it's just ever possible impact you could have, even tornado risk so just anything you can possibly think of."

Simmons is in Raleigh, which isn't on the coast, but that area is still preparing for the storm.

He worked as a reporter for us here at KTTC, and left for his next opportunity in 2016.

"I mean the biggest thing here is the anticipation for it which is the part that I hate the most because we see it coming but we don't know what it is going to do yet," said Simmons. "As for supplies the big story I reported on a little bit earlier is that gas stations are literally running out of gas and that's still the case here even though we are a little bit further inland. It's hard to find water, it's hard to find bread so we are just trying to get what we need and get out as soon as we can."

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