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Woman tries to escape officer on skateboard, drugs found in backpack


A community officer was trying to promote pedestrian safety as part of the current Downtown Rochester Alliance Campaign Wednesday morning. 

He then saw a woman skateboarding north on these downtown sidewalks, which is illegal. 

The woman was later identified as Maria Tzep-Lopez, and she skated under the officer's outstretched arm when he signaled her to stop.     

She then skated her way through the crowds of the 8 a.m. commute, and the officer lost track of her. 

Around 3 that afternoon, the officer saw her in the same area of the 200 block of 2nd avenue Southwest while on bike patrol.

Police say she tried to skate past him again, and the officer used his bike to obstruct her path. 

The two then struggled on the ground, and a Mayo security guard arrived to keep bystanders away when they began to shout at the officer. 

After Tzep-Lopez's arrest, police found 5 packages containing butane hash oil and a couple hundred dollars in her backpack. 

Tzep-Lopez then allegedly tore out wiring and damaged a camera in the back of the squad car, after she managed to get her hands in front of her while still cuffed.

After causing at least $1,000 in damage, Tzep-Lopez may face felony damage to property on top of a 5th degree controlled substance possession. 

Police pointed out that if she had simply decided to walk instead of skate, it's likely this confrontation would never have happened. 

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