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Rochester man facing assault and terroristic threat charges


Rochester police arrested 36-year-old Jason Finstad after breaking down a 14-year-old boy's bedroom armed with a loaded rifle.

A woman escaped with her two children after they were threatened by a man with a loaded rifle Thursday night.

Police say Finstad was intoxicated during the incident and was burning unknown items in the backyard when they arrived to arrest him.

The victim told police that Finstad was already drunk when she picked him up from work and demanded they stop at the liquor store before going home.

According to police, there was an argument between the two that escalated when they arrived at the home on Gage Court NW.

Finstad reportedly loaded a .22 caliber rifle and pointed it at the woman before breaking the door of her 14-year-old child.

Finstad then woke up the 11-year-old child and gathered the family in the living room.

The mother of the children says Finstad left the room as he was talking to himself which gave them the opportunity to get the kids in the car and call police from a safe place.

Finstad is facing multiple assault and terroristic threat charges. Police are also saying the 14-year-old had a loaded shotgun in his bedroom that he was prepared to use if he had to. 

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