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YMCA hosts laughter seminar to help people improve their health


People deal with stress in different ways; some go for a walk, exercise, write in a journal, and some people just laugh it off.

Laughter has a great deal of health benefits, and that's why the YMCA held a free laughing seminar Friday afternoon.

The seminar is called Laugh Your Way to Better Health. We talked with Healthy Living Director and instructor Roxy Kline who said laughing for at least 20 minutes a day is ideal.

She said research shows that laughing continuously for 20 minutes lets the brain release healing hormones.

During the workshop, Kline would do different exercises where she would give attendees a scenario, and they would have to express their feelings through laughter. 

She said it doesn't have to be real, you can fake-laugh and still get the benefits.

"Reducing depression, increasing relaxation, there's lung expansion and contraction that occurs with the long laughter session. And so we improve our respiration," said Kline. "It's even been shows that continuous laughter can slow the growth of cancer, and can improve blood glucose levels so there's just a lot of benefits that come with laughter."

Kline said the YMCA branch in Rochester doesn't currently offer this as a class. But she goes around different branches and offers her seminar to see if they'd like it.

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