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A car hop comes to Rushford


There was a blast from the past in Rushford Thursday evening. 

The Creamery, which is known for its pizza and ice cream, hosted a car hop. 

The establishment welcomed motorcycles, hot rods, and other vehicles for drive-up service, with participants getting the chance to socialize with other car        lovers.

Creamery Owners Jim and Debbie Kitchens have wanted to do something like this for a while,  and this summer decided to put their idea to work. 

Not only is the car hop a way to help their business, but it's a passion.

"I'm a car guy. I watch, I get up on Sunday morning, I watch all those" said Jim. "I'm watching these shows where money is no object builds, I'm not into that category, I just like looking at them, I like seeing how they do them, how they build them."  

Jim and Debbie will be holding more car hops before summer's end, one on August 9 and another on September 13.

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