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Drama in Dover could result in a local business moving elsewhere

DOVER, Minn. (KTTC) -

A dispute in Dover between the city council and a local business has been brewing for more than a year and may end in that business moving elsewhere.

It started when Jody Wiza decided to add on a bar to her hair salon, which she says was met with resistance from the city council.

After a grueling court process and the city of Dover potentially revoking her liquor license, Wiza says she's ready for it all to be over with.

"It's really disturbing that they would try to hinder something that somebody is doing, it isn't the city's pocket book that's paid for any of this, it's mine. This piece of paper right here is what started the hell of my life," said Jody Wiza, The Shack Bar/Hair Shack Owner.

Running a hair salon in Dover turned into a whole lot of trouble for Jody Wiza when she decided to expand her businesses.

"People would go to the other bars, bring their drinks into my establishment, while they were getting their hair done and it wasn't a big deal, even though it was illegal in the whole state, the mayor allowed it, okay everybody allowed it. All of the sudden, I go get a liquor license, have dram shop insurance, pay all of these expensive fees to have it legit and now people can't even drink in my studio, only because the mayor says so," continued Wiza.

She also says the trouble she's experienced in Dover hasn't been her experience elsewhere.

"I opened up a bar in Fountain, Minnesota, in 7 weeks, the Beaver Bottom Saloon, and the town and the mayor and the council has been nothing but super supportive. And we had to do everything we had to do here and I didn't have one issue," added Wiza.

While in Dover,

"It has been an issue with me and the mayor since the beginning and the reason is because he's been a conflict of interest through this whole thing and shouldn't have been apart of any of it," claimed Wiza.

Dover City Council member Cameron Johnson spoke to KTTC by phone saying,

"We have no personal issues with Jody, our issues are with following city ordinances, and that led to our sanctions and the court of appeals agreed with the city and what we did."

That ruling could mean Wiza packs up her business and leaves town.

"If they pull my liquor license, I guess that's their loss, I'll just pull my entire business out of the town and I've been here for 15 years, why should I have to uproot my business," stated Wiza.

Attempts to contact Dover Mayor Roger Ihrke by the phone went unreturned.

Wiza says she is going to meet with her lawyer and discuss their potential next steps.

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