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Men arrested for smashing windows in Rochester


A group of late night visitors are turned away from a home they were hoping to sleep in. They weren't happy and allegedly responded by smashing several windows.

At about 3 a.m. Thursday, a group of three men went to a home located in Southeast Rochester. 

They asked a woman at the house if they could spend the night, but were denied entry. 

Two of the men allegedly responded by smashing the windows on vehicles parked in front. The men also broke a basement window on the house and one on the second story. 

Police say the men used tools they found nearby. 

After residents called police, both 23-year-old Liban Abdullahi and 27-year-old Garad Roble of Rochester were arrested.

They face felony level charges of criminal damage to property.

Police say they had no evidence to suggest the third man who was with them participated in the vandalism.

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